We plan to be open as normal for the 2021 season, and will do our part to make you guests feel safe.

In our rooms, cabins and apartments you have your own kitchen and bathroom, and can easily keep a safe distance from others.

We are tightening our cleaning routines, and will disinfect the accommodation units after each guest.

If you live in a caravan or motorhome, you also have good control over your own living situation.

The sanitary facilities will be open, and we will strengthen their cleaning.


Cleaning and hygiene are always a high priority with us. We are Green Key certified and concerned about climate and the environment, but will in an exceptional period now use stronger disinfectants and more antibacterial spray than we otherwise do. Especially when it comes to disinfecting exposed contact points such as door handles, card terminals, light switches, toilet buttons and fixtures.


We follow the authorities' guidelines, which means that there may be changes in relation to what we plan at any time.

To ensure the greatest possible security for everyone, we have implemented the following measures:

We follow the authorities' guidelines, which means that there may be changes in relation to what we plan at any time.

  • Routines to prevent the spread of viruses are informed during visits.

  • In the reception / shop / common areas, there is an intensified focus on cleaning and hygiene.

  • Our playgrounds are open, also water slide and bouncy castle. Here we will follow national guidelines to be able to keep these open.


We need your help to limit infection. If you are going to be with us, you must confirm that you have understood and accepted that you and everyone in your travel companion can not come here if you / you:

  • Have been in close contact with people who have had symptoms of, or been diagnosed with COVID-19, within the last 10 days before the time of departure.

  • Is quarantined, isolated or other restrictions associated with COVID-19 at the time of departure.

  • Have symptoms that may indicate that I / we may be infected with COVID-19. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection are fever, cough and wheezing. Other symptoms may include headache, lethargy, dizziness, sore throat, decreased sense of smell and taste and / or stomach upset.


You and everyone in your travel companion must also confirm that you:

  • Is familiar with and follows the authorities' guidelines for infection control during the ongoing Corona pandemic

  • Will follow Kristiansand holiday center's guidelines for infection control throughout the stay

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at mail.

Kristiansand Holiday Center is following the situation around COVID-19 closely.

We follow the recommendations that the National Institute of Public Health makes. We also encourage all our guests to follow the National Institute of Public Health's recommendations, and be careful with hygiene and use rubbing alcohol / antibac. Guests who show symptoms of illness or have been abroad recently will not have the opportunity to visit the resort.