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Here you will find useful and important information about your stay.
Hope you take the time to read it.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Telephone reception: 38 04 19 80
Emergency telephone number: 950 06 320
Check in
  • Cabins, apartments and rooms: from 4–11 pm (call us if you arrive after 11 pm).

  • Camping: from 12.

Check out
  • Cabins, apartments and rooms: no later than 11.

  • Camping: no later than 12.

  • You get an access code to the barrier when you book your stay.

  • The code is keyed in at the barrier upon arrival. For the rest of the stay, the barrier will be opened automatically (number plate recognition).

  • For camping: Drive directly to your pitch to avoid queues at reception.

  • For tents: contact the reception for the allocation of space.

  • For cabin, room or apartment: Key and bed linen available at reception.

Reserve a place
  • We recommend reserving a place in advance. Both for rooms, cabins and apartments, but also for camping.

  • Shower

  • Current

Parking in the area
  • Parking by

  • We have free wifi in the area. This is not intended for streaming or heavy downloads. 

  • Online: Camping

  • Password: holiday centre

Service card
  • You need a service card to wash and dry clothes, as well as use the stove in the shared kitchen. 

  • Service cards can be purchased at reception.

Distances between tents and caravans
  • Vi 

  • It is compulsory to rent bed linen for those of you who live in our accommodation units

  • NOK 150 per set (includes two towels)

Transition cable
  • Transition cable for power poles for caravans and motorhomes can be brought with you or can be purchased from us during reception opening hours.

Calm in the area
  • It must be quiet in the area at 23.

  • We have two grills in Hagekroa, you can bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid.

  • Open flames are not permitted.

  • Disposable grills are not permitted.

Driving in the area
  • There are many people in our area, and in some places in the camp it is unclear. Drive carefully!

  • Max 20 km/h

  • Rubbish bins/sorting can be found at reception.

Alcohol and drugs
  • We do not sell alcohol on the premises, and the visible enjoyment of alcohol or intoxication is not permitted on the premises.

Parking in the area
  • We sell

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