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In case of fire / smoke development;


1) Notify;

Everyone who is in the unit / area must be notified.

Inform the fire department that the fire is on;
Kristiansand holiday center
Dvergsnesveien 571

Call the resort's hotline;

950 06 320
They open the barrier and show the fire department the way


2) Save  

See that everyone comes out. Meet at the collection point in Hagekroa

3) Extinguish

Try to extinguish with available extinguishing agents.
Think about your own safety.

4) Close all doors and windows

5) Report  

Report from  to the fire department on arrival if everyone has come out of the building.

Fireproof camping tips:

  • Keep a minimum of 3 meters away from other caravans, motorhomes and tents

  • Have working smoke alarms in the caravan and motorhome

  • Have at least one 6 kg fire extinguisher easily accessible

  • Place the grill and stove on the outside of the tent, at least 1 meter from the tent cloth.

  • Check the propane system's hoses, pipes and fittings regularly to avoid leaks

  • Have a gas detector in the caravan and motorhome

  • Be careful when using rubbing alcohol

  • Make sure that electrical appliances and electrical systems are in good condition. Make sure that the wires are not damaged.

  • If heating is required, use only approved stoves specially designed for caravans, motorhomes or tents.

  • Dispose of flammable waste as empty lighter fluid containers and used charcoal and in designated places.

  • Use of disposable grills is not allowed at Kristiansand holiday center

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