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We think about the environment - and about your experience. Green Key is an environmental certification scheme for hotels, accommodation and other tourism businesses. Green Key aims to promote sustainable tourism, as well as to help prevent climate change by rewarding and supporting businesses that implement positive environmental measures.

Kristiansand Feriesenter is a Green Key holiday centre. By staying with us, you automatically take responsibility for the environment, because we follow Green Key's strict environmental requirements. We make it easier for you to look after the environment without affecting your experience and comfort as a guest. here are some examples of our efforts:

- We use cleaning products that are eco-labelled and better for both the environment and you.
- We mainly use energy saving and LED bulbs and sensors.
- Temperature and ventilation are controlled, so that we use less energy.
- The waste is sorted at source and recycled, We have set out waste cans for source sorting at the campsite.

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