• Cabins, apartments & rooms from kl. 16:00 - 23:00 (please call us if you arrive later than 23:00)

  • Camping from kl. 12:00

Check out;

  • Cabins, apartments & rooms no later than 11:00

  • Camping no later than 12:00


  • We have free wifi on site. This is not intended for streaming or heavy downloads.

  • Nett; Camping

  • Password; feriesenter

Service card;

  • You need a service card to wash / dry clothes, as well as use a stove in the communal kitchen.

  • Service cards can be purchased at the reception


  • It is mandatory to rent bed linen for those of you who live in our accommodation units

  • Kr. 150, - per set (includes 2 towels)

Adapter cable;

  • Transition cable to power poles for caravan / motorhome must be brought, or can be purchased from us during reception reception opening hours.

Tranquility in the area;

  • It must be calm in the area at 23:00

Driving on site;

  • As there are many people in our area, and some places are very confusing, we ask you to be careful when driving inside the camp.

  • Max. 20 km / h

Alcohol / drugs;

  • We do not sell alcohol on the site, and it is not allowed with visible enjoyment of alcohol or intoxication on the site.

Kristiansand feriesenter, Dvergsnesveien 571, 4639 Kristiansand

Telephone: 38 04 19 80

E-mail; 998 431 042

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